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Employee engagement is key to creating a beneficial and comfortable work environment. When employees are engaged, the results speak for themselves. Employers need to make sure they are taking steps towards including employee engagement in their business plan. Productivity and overall happiness in the workplace will increase once these measures are taken.




One great way to increase employee engagement is to empower them.  It helps to also know the difference between managers and leaders.Managers tend to want to watch over their employees at every step. Leaders give employees all the tools they need and take a step back and monitor what they do. If you give employees the chance to fail, they will learn something about themselves, and you will learn something about them as well. If your employee fails, be there to pick them back up and teach them different ways to approach the task. Empowering your employees will also form a certain level of trust and respect between you and your employees.




Implementing incentives is a great way to form employee engagement. Incentives can range from nonmonetary (employee recognition) to monetary ones.   Make sure these incentives are set at a high level of performance. You want to avoid rewarding employees for completing their everyday tasks. Give incentives to employees who go above and beyond their normal job duties. The high level of performance will set a standard for your employees and let them know that you recognize good work when you see it.




Feedback is an integral way to increase employee engagement. Don’t wait for the quarterly reviews to tell an employee that they are doing their job well. When work is done well, acknowledge it as close to real-time as possible.  Perhaps after a meeting or at the end of a day before they leave the office. Offer feedback to employees as often as possible for best results. Positive and negative feedback are both essential. Negative feedback can be just as influential in promoting employee engagement as positive feedback. Consider scheduling weekly meetings with your employees to evaluate their performance and offer constructive criticism.


Be Transparent


Earning an employee’s trust is a key factor in creating any kind of employee engagement and productivity. Whenever possible, remain as transparent as you can be to your employees. From the start of an employee’s time with your company, you should clearly define what is expected of them and what your goal is as a business. If there are any changes in the business, then inform the employees about them. Keeping employees in the loop will form trust between you and your employees but will also make the employees feel comfortable approaching management about any issues they have regarding their work or any other problems they may encounter.