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Managing employees who are from different generations can come with its own set of unique challenges. You may be working with up to five different generations of people in the workplace. It is your job to make sure that everyone is working together towards a common goal and that it goes smoothly. Here are some tips on how to manage people of different generations in the workplace.

Encourage Collaboration

A great way to promote your employees to interact with each other is setting up activities within the workplace where people of varying generations are made to work with each other. Set up tasks or projects with your employees that allow them to work closely with other individuals of different age groups. Match inexperienced employees with others who have years of experience to gain the most out of this tactic. This kind of collaboration can result in innovation and new problem-solving methods.

Levels of Communication

Working with different generations of people means that they are accustomed to different types of communication. Millennials are very familiar with communicating through text, email, or even social media. Baby Boomers may not have a grasp on how to use social media or other levels of communication that other generations are familiar with. Incorporate phone calls or in-person talks to update people on company changes. Stay away from establishing one medium of communication with your employees. Be open to using a variety of ways to communicate with your employees to ensure everyone receives the information they need in a timely manner.

A Trip Away

Try taking your employees away from the everyday workplace and off somewhere new. This kind of activity can encourage relationships between coworkers and promote productivity. Getting away from the office helps employees unwind and relax for a bit with people they work with every day.


An employee who is just starting out in the job market may be looking to develop their skills as a professional and reach higher goals. Another employee who has been in the workforce for some time may be looking to retire soon and lessen their workload. With a diverse set of employees, make sure you are considering what goals your employees have in mind and are adjusting accordingly. Keeping in mind your employee’s goals will help them enjoy working for your organization and also promote them to be more productive and helpful in the workplace knowing that they have someone who cares about their life in and outside of work.