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The rise of artificial intelligence has brought on its own set of changes in all areas of business. Human resource professionals may be the next ones to feel the effects of this fast-growing technology. This article will talk about artificial intelligence and the potential impact it has on the job duties for human resources and the impact it could have on company culture.

The Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence has the ability to make the hiring process more efficient. Using AI, HR professionals can screen applicants quickly and from a more extensive database other than manually going through each application. AI screening can be programmed to pick out certain qualities and attributes from applications and continue to push them onto the next step in the hiring process. This advantage when using AI can cut the time and effort in the hiring process dramatically leaving HR professionals more time to focus on personal interaction with applicants and finding the right employee.


Chatbots can be implemented in HR for a multitude of reasons. One way that chatbots can be utilized is through helping to answer basic HR questions and concerns. The AI chatbot can be programmed to recognize questions and answer them in an informative manner. Simple questions like “Do we have off on the fourth of July?” or “What are my medical benefits?” can be programmed and customized to give specific answers. Chatbots present a wealth of opportunity for businesses and HR professionals. Chatbots can be used for providing candidates with interview questions and even be useful tools in teaching new hires about basic understanding of their jobs.


Artificial intelligence has the ability to completely adjust the way we look and interact with scheduling. There are AI programs that exist that can ultimately take the place of a personal assistant who is in charge of scheduling and even does it in a more efficient manner. is a scheduling AI program that monitors, schedules, and adjusts your calendar 24/7. This helpful AI is an excellent example of a time-saving program that can allow professionals to put their efforts towards more important matters.

The possibilities for AI are endless. In years to come, AI will grow to be an integral part of everyday business, especially in human resources. Many professionals are taking an integrated approach when using AI in the workplace.